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At Dyslexia Learning Solutions we focus on solutions for learning difficulties that address the whole child. It is our goal to understand and address the key elements of a child's struggle. In all of our experience we have never met a child who presented exactly like another. Learning challenges are very individual. Intervention should never be a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Many children come to us with a "diagnosis" for a specific issue but what is missing from their intervention is an understanding of all the factors that are contributing to their challenges. These issues range from dyslexia, speech and language deficits, attention deficit disorder, anxiety disorder, social and emotional deficits, sensory processing, auditory processing, and many others. It is our unique understanding of how each child is different in their strengths and weaknesses that sets our learning center apart. In order for the child to progress, all of these areas must be addressed. 

Articles & Resources

Reading Intervention

- Dyslexia

- Reading Comprehension

- One on One Tutoring

Math Intervention

-Math Difficulties

-Math Facts

- Kindergarten thru Pre-Algebra

-Making Math Real techniques

Dyslexia Assessment

- Think it may be dyslexia?

- General learning challenges

-School Visits

- Classes

- Professional Development

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