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Our student's success is our primary focus. We believe with all our being that every child is worthy of the best possible intervention and every child can learn. If a child is struggling, it is up to the instructor to figure out why and make the necessary adjustments to ensure their success. These children and their families are counting on us to make a difference and we do not take this job lightly.

We are very thankful to have found Karen. Before we learned our son was dyslexic he saw a general reading tutor, participated in the tiered program at school, and a well known after school program. He dreaded going. Now we understand why; not one of those 'educators' were trained how to recognize dyslexia or how to teach dyslexics. He was frustrated. We were frustrated. His teachers were frustrated. Fortunately through research and educating ourselves, our paths crossed with Karen. She goes above and beyond. She is passionate about helping others and making change not only with children but for the education system. Our son immediately discovered her research based multi sensory method of teaching was fun and he was finally getting it. He enjoys his sessions and wants to go as much as possible so he can be a 'cool kid' - I never realized he felt so badly about his reading struggles. Karen has helped him to recognize his intelligence. We see his confidence level increasing in everything he does and it all revolves around his ability to read. With her help, he is reading and he is excelling at it. We are thrilled that Karen has opened her learning center and will continue to help others.  We highly recommend her services and wish her much success.

Suzanne, Sparks, NV



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