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We are trained reading therapists with experience in Orton-Gillingham reading intervention. We specialize in dyslexia. You're child will receive excellent, proven, evidence-based therapy to remediate dyslexia. Reading intervention needs to be individualized and that's what we do best. No child ever has the same set of challenges or strengths. We take the time to customize our instruction. Your child doesn't fit into a box and their reading intervention shouldn't either.

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Is your child struggling with math? Does he/she have a hard time remembering those dreaded math facts? Does he/she make "silly" mistakes and end up with the wrong answer? Let us help. We offer one-on-one math intervention that is customized to activate and support your child's working memory to achieve math success. This is highly specialized instruction using Making Math Real techniques to activate brain development, mental flexibility, and working memory; all of which are critical components to be successful in math. 

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