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Homeschool Support

We offer homeschool support to families, as we are acutely aware that a struggling learner faces incredible challenges in a typical schooling environment.  Homeschooling can be what gets your child back on the path to loving learning again. Give us a call or book a consultation now!



Design and Planning

Choosing curriculum for a child with dyslexia in a homeschool environment can be overwhelming to put it mildly. In this 60 minute session we will go over viable options, the needs of your family, and most importantly the needs of your child to design a learning environment that will work for both your child and your family.

Planning your homeschool day can be quite a challenge when you have a struggling learner. In this 60 minute session we will go over your challenges and create a customized plan to meet the needs of your child and your life!

Choose one of the above or we can customize a consultation just for you!






Knowing why your child is struggling to  learn is EMPOWERING! The key to homeschool success is implementing strategies and techniques that enable your child to learn. In this 3 hour consultation, scheduled over two meetings, your child will be evaluated using norm-standardized testing to assess for dyslexia. This is a FULL dyslexia assessment, not just a screening. You will receive a full report outlining the findings, a lengthy explanation, a complete plan of action individualized for your child, specific accommodations based on the findings, resources with proven success, and much, much more.






In this 45 minute mini session, we will discuss the struggles your child is having and develop a plan to address them. You will receive a list of resources, specific strategies that work, and information about how to proceed so that your child can get on the road to remediation no matter what challenges they are facing.  If you've been homeschooling for a while and things just aren't going as expected, this is the consultation you need.  We can help!



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