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Is it Dyslexia?

Many parents aren't sure their child is dyslexic even though they may have thought it could be dyslexia for a very long time. The teachers keep saying, "he'll grow out of it", "he's just a boy", "he can read when he pays attention", "she just needs more confidence".

Let us give you peace of mind! We've been doing this for many years and we are here to tell you....there is a REASON  your child is struggling and it is NOT because your child is stupid or lazy!

Have you received a letter from your child's school stating your child may be held back because he/she isn't at grade level in reading? Do NOT delay an evaluation! EVEN if the school says it isn't dyslexia!! Screenings can MISS dyslexia.


The Warning Signs

  • Difficulty learning the names and sounds of letters

  • Difficulty spelling own name

  • Difficulty remembering "sight" words

  • Difficulty learning weekly spelling words for their spelling test

  • Difficulty learning to tie shoes

  • Difficulty with accurate reading

  • Can read but cannot remember much of what was read

  • Speech delay or difficulty

  • Difficulty with rhyming 

  • Handwriting is messy

  • Mixing up syllables within words (pusketti for spaghetti; pacific for specific, etc)

  • School has always been "hard"

If your child has ANY of these signs, please do not delay an assessment!

A FULL Educational 

Assessment is NEEDED

Knowing why your child is struggling to  learn is EMPOWERING!  In this 3 hour consultation, scheduled over two meetings, your child will be evaluated using norm-standardized testing to assess for dyslexia. This is a FULL dyslexia assessment, not just a screening. You will receive a full report outlining the findings, a lengthy explanation, a complete plan of action individualized for your child, specific accommodations based on the findings, resources with proven success, and much, much more.

Contact us for more information.



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