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Dyslexia Learning Solutions was created with a passion to meet the needs of the very underserved children with learning differences in the Reno area. We are committed to providing high quality customized instruction that meets the needs of children who are struggling academically.  If you are a parent with a child struggling in school, or if you are frustrated with trying to gain the services he or she requires, or a parent/educator yourself seeking more information about learning challenges, please feel free to contact us.

Founder's Note

Karen Cavallaro


Karen began her journey into the world of learning differences when her own children were struggling in school. After years of struggle without adequate answers or resources for help, Karen became a dyslexia consultant, trained Orton-Gillingham reading and math interventionist, educational advocate, public speaker, and educational consultant. Unfortunately, Reno is an area with a paucity of resources to help students with learning differences no matter how great or how small their challenges. It is because of the lack of resources that Karen developed her passion to assist other parents who are going through the same issues. Dyslexia Learning Solutions is the learning center she wishes were available to her children over 7 years ago. After spending literally tens of thousands of dollars at high profile tutoring centers with little to no progress, she understands better than anyone what parents and children are going through.


Karen is committed to having success with struggling learners. She has seen what the right intervention can do for children who are otherwise labeled "unteachable", "lazy", "unwilling", etc. For the last four years, Karen has been working with students with a variety of learning challenges. In each and every case success has been achieved by understanding all the reasons behind why the student is struggling and providing the intervention that addresses the learning challenge. It can be done. ALL students can learn! It is because of these children that Karen has found her true passion in life and is currently pursuing her Education Therapy degree.

Our Offerings

We customize your child's instruction to meet their academic challenges. We use proven reading, math, and language interventions that enable children to be successful learners.

Our Mission

Ensuring every child's academic success is our goal. We are passionate about education and believe every child can learn. 

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